Friday 18 September 2020

Sunday 25 August 2019

Saturday 5 January 2019


... occupying the empty point of universality

Confidence poem
Quit now

Hordes of Pan
Anxious metonyms

Smell Roses
Smell Gasoline

Choices (options)
Moving forward

Dealing with the future
When I grow up I want to be a job

Intergenerational immersion

Waves (of feels)
Impact studies

Privilege checking soliloquies
Thrashing bubble babies

Tethered treats

Watery entertainment
Boundaries to cross

By mobile targets

Policing frameworks and security
Or the imperceptible and ineffable

Breaking free in removal of gold standards
Interstital encounters of recovery necessary

A subject that objects to
Program and purpose

Instrumentalised rapture

Gracián's silent saint
Sharing unspeakable existence

che vuoi?

Tragic Certainty
The Chime of Want
Old Fathers transporting
w/out cost

You Died
Victory Achieved
Searching for the Sunlight
To encounter the inhuman

A fragile and interminable affair.
Listen for the noise.
What you can hear 
What you cannot understand 

Is the life-walk of the proletariat
Suffering w/out translation
Brute wails
Life Work of the Ages

i can't find my images

layered down
bubbling up
in front of the evanescent dream-machine
they drift away
perception is cognitive i am told
they surge as potential potere
no sharing
no votive longing
spinning code holds no glimmers
my shinies come from other places
nothing matters all considered
but other things