Common Conduct

and its beyond.
Its behind.
Our collective ass
as a question of economy.
All we see is management.
A governance of joie de vivre.
A sparkling of divine oikonomia around the perceived ownership of an existence.
Finitude's behind as a contractual obligation.
Appearance of a new system of political thought – Theoretical consequences:
The arts of governance as the delicate micro-physics of power
that finds my well-being as a reference point for deliberation.
What is a framework policy?
A technique of populations.
I am populated by techniques.
... our state of exception as the providential will of angels;
apparent violation as divine governance,
sovereign miraculation.
... a quite remarkable name, oikonomia psuchõn, that is to say, the economy of souls
translated variously as regime, or perhaps
the activity of conducting
of conduction
the way in which one conducts oneself
lets oneself be conducted
is conducted
the way in which one behaves as an effect of a form of conduct
as the action of conducting or of conduction.
A question of manners, the possible manners of being,
the management of possible forms-of-life,
the policing of the regime of the possible.
The economy of souls as a regulated flow between nodes.
A Young-Girl manifests itself in the desert.
A soldier dances in an occupied hut.
A prince bags a rag-head pheasant.
Conscripts of good intention.
The colonial soldier replaces the flâneur as the figure of wandering modernity.
An import export business of choice.
These are some of our current models of conducting a perpetual peace articulated through perpetual war.
At home and afar.
The desert is spreading.
Offensive neutralisation as a question of conduction,
I am relentlessly convinced of my body.
... to fuck in peace.
Sterility moves through an obsession with calculation.
Risk-free love and war.
Conducted for freedom of restricted choice.
A precise conduction.
Given flesh. fuck in peace.
A war of and on possibility.
Conducted with grave sorrow and infinite compassion.
A fiction of total communities united against terror,
the cheery consensus of social totality.
Total mobilisation as relentless connectivity.
A wager against existence.

Common Conduct on Vimeo

Common Conduct
Louisa Minkin & Francis Summers
screening 8pm 6th Feb 2015 

Atomic Pictures
Le Shakirail
72 Rue Riquet
75018 Paris

Le troisième volet d’Atomic Pictures réunit quatre voix d’artistes et joue avec leur valeur off et on dans un programme qui restitue l’état du monde selon différentes visions. Confrontés aux limites de leur propre création, les artistes y semblent pris dans un mouvement d’aller-retour insensé.Ce constat d’échec semble pourtant paradoxalement réaffirmer toute la puissance de l’art là où il est question de désenchantement.
C’est au beau milieu d’un univers se référant aux sciences, à l’art ou à la politique, que seule la voix de l’artiste semble résister aux déceptions représentées à l’écran.
Avec: Ian James, Jasmine Johnson, Francis Summers & Louisa Minkin et Mikolaj Tkasz

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