Conflictual Circulation

User orientation
Content generation.

A user’s busy intelligence.

I am not thinking about you.

Adopt. Adoption, adaption, adaptation.
Aptitude. Adaptible.

A battleground of competence.
A right of engagement.

Going in Hot!

Going Loud.

Singing Ludd’s song.

Lusers / Haxzorz,

l33t speak drone buddies

Sage your emotional design

and your public experience center.

Prosthetic Narcissus.
Disturbance and Puppets.

The wisdom of the crowd
The brutality of the mob

Swarm intelligence
Hivemind juvenilia

A human universe of symbolic negativity.

The People subtracted from the Multitude
Condensation of data-pools, re-aggregated potenza.

Bubbles and riots

Bundled contradictions

Freemarket communism as Facebook revolution fetish.

Knots through differential fields.
Practical optimism of enduring struggle.
Affective contusions.


To struggle and reconcile.

The illusion of taking sides

Engaged positions emerging through mutual destruction
Without justice.

No honour

No virtue


Negativity as Master.

Finitude as horizon line.

Self-contradiction as obstacle.

Enemies as props to mask non-absolute inconsistency
Ladies and Gentlemen; We got ‘em. 

Or him, or you.

Identity predicated by an enemy who veils the failure of ‘I’.
Immanent disintegration displaced and projected.

I am our hatred of others.
Defeats that bring us to the truth.
Level playing

Through open source fields
Actionable script instruction
Sonic malware downloadable
Re-gendering congealment
Slinging weapons and profiles
Payment confirmed.

Redefining beta.

Interactions as sociation

If you want peace prepare for war

Conflict as resolution of contrasting determinations
Negation termination indifference

Enjoying your ban

Nuclear impending

Continual threat impeachment

Rejecting light

Defending swamps

Stuck in the mud

Filthy festering pit

Wet edge sucking sighing.

To know so little of the ignorance that starves you
Rolling with the fanboys enarmoured with thorns
Meat for the grinder

An arrogance of the kingly

Self-harming shadows weighed down, buckling, baulking
Turned teeth upon themselves

Dabbled in the minestrone

A raged sousing with swill.

How to make a viable build.
Vidya ethics
Law of averages is a strong force

Major league gaming bass cannon
Ganking spanking suffering
Alpha topping

Git gud memeology
Weeaboo waifu junkyard

the more you fuck over people

... and the more you get fucked over

Karma fluid fickle
Mumble cum nozzle

Psychic Counter-Revolution.

Absolute equality or Absolute administration?

Gears, cogs, regulated components of a system
Ensured cohesion and equilibrium of a whole.

Slaves and barbarians

The nature of ruling.

Mysteries and glories of governance.

Cybernetic enslavement and the foreclosure of the common
Barbarism and the failure to produce a world.

Infinite circularity or thickness of being?
Subaltern glitch and twitch.

Physicality detached facing us down.
Friends and allies.
Terror threats.

Militainment operations.

Johnny One-Shot as part of a complete continuum.

... from the pettiest crime to insurgency proper,
Incivility, threat;

Civil-military integrated response.

Its happening!

or Party Van Time

Low Intensity Operations.

Perpetual pacification as poisoned water.

Keeping the peace is a full time war against the uncivil
A university of social justice

Crashed tankers

Spilled milk to drown the baby

A preventative logic against social war machines
A discourse on violence;

CIVIL WAR and the limits of community.
International peacekeeping.
Culture and refinement.

The matter of holding out a lollipop.
Abominable dogbiscuit rhetoric.
Horrible agglomerate compost.

Puffed words.

This is not the right place, but nobody wanted us.

Idiocy as ignorance of community.

Those that know not the town square but only the navel.
Paradoxes of cellspace

Doxxing matter of bordered civility.

Privacy and privation.

Backdoor exploits.

Explicit facial.

Vampiric relations.

I remember you.

Bunched vectoral parasites.

Exploits between community and attention.

Language as the placeholder of negativity.
Ethics as the home of the voice.
Words as the death of thought.

To come journeying through black air, good.

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