Wednesday 15 August 2018

Let's breathe together, read together...

A is for front line.

A is for an apartheid of the imagination
A is for violence
A is for agony, agonism
            anomie and anaesthesia

B is for

C is for concatenation, constituent, components, construction

Class War, Colonisation of everyday life, or Capitalism as Crisis.
            Consumption or the Common.
            Commodities and Counselling.

A is for art, or art into life, not art for the few but art for the many, practised by the many.
            A is for art=life.
Our front-lines of art affecting life.
Perhaps understood as lifestyle choices.
No beginnings. No points of origin.
Just modulations.
            Life that is styled.
emptying out the people
A is for affiliations
with the fiction of people
with upgrading
with service industry production
the mining of the social
A is for Abstraction, concretely felt
A is for
absorption &
appropriation (read, dispossession)

A is for alternative facts
mythic language of the waiting rooms of living hell
Folkloric horror, tenement fiction.
Narrative models
Postmodernism, I am told, begins with the end of meta-narratives
conjoined to the destruction of social housing
A bitter irony for critical theories of difference
As the common hearth is further dismantled, as boundaries re-assigned

To regenerate
To cut a ditch in the sky
An augur in the templum
An inauguration of tears
As above so below:
filling up, filling in
giving up, giving in
given out
Pyramids and blue haze;
Raptures of the present.
Bettered? Bittered? Battered. Rollicking, roiling, flavoured. Indelible taints.
Currying favours.
Couriers of bad faith.
Mining cultural capital carries flavours.

To regenerate.
To reduplicate
Socially assigned disposability.
Assigned non-viability
Consigned to invisibility.
Wallowed pathology of the social as daemonic excuse for capital acquisition.
Fairy logic of assigned governance.
Fathers save us.
Filial betrayal
Kinship and fam.
Family and famine. Famished.
Untouched, untouchable
Liquid mobile capital brand management
Capitals as entrepreneurial brand without social reproduction considerations
Pure abstraction
A riot of possibility

Whose right to the city?
Upgrading as continual soft conflict
From austerity to perverted promises of communal luxury
How might our bonds be figured?
Bondage and the pathology of the flow.
Free flow.
Toilet mentality.
A politics of profits through care.
Disinvestment. Reinvestment.
Frontiered. Leveraged.

The End.

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